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I hope you want to live with the companion dog of your dreams, as that’s all you’ll read about here!

I actively provide and promote science-based, force-free dog training methods and principles to a high, professional standard. You will be guided through achievable and practical exercises with your dog to help them reach your dream behaviours. I place a focus on ensuring training is fun for both you and your dog and will always lend an empathetic ear.

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What dog training equipment do you use when training a dog?

I will only ever use or recommend equipment that has been designed with the dog’s safety and comfort in mind. I recommend using a well-fitted back (or front) clipped harness to lessen the chances of damaging a dog’s neck area and to keep him/her comfortable while we learn loose lead walking skills, for example. I also recommend a 2m flat lead for urban walks and a fixed long line (not retractable) 5m+ for exploring.

How would you describe your training methods?

I provide and promote science-based, force-free dog training and behaviour principles (positive reinforcement) to a high professional standard. I abide by the IMDT Code of Ethics.

What are your credentials and professional memberships?

I hold my training qualification (with distinction) and full membership through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT Australia) including OCN Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level 3. I am proudly a Certified Fear Free Training Professional and Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CDTI). My professional memberships include the Pet Professional Guild of Australia (PPGA), Fear Free and Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT Australia). I undertake continued professional development as a requirement of my professional memberships.

I am also working towards becoming additionally certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

What happens in a one-to-one consultation?

Prior to our initial consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete that covers your dog’s medical and training history, daily life, what you want to work on and what motivates your dog the best. We will arrange a time and place (usually your home) to hold our consultation. 

We will spend the first few moments of our initial consultation discussing your completed questionnaire, unpicking the problem and strategising a management and training plan that suits your daily routines, all while your dog is kept occupied with some enrichment. We will then get into some fun training activities where I will set both you and your dog up for success and guide you step by step, providing feedback and progressing our new skills as needed. During these activities I will be monitoring your dog and will ensure he/she is always comfortable, taking breaks when necessary. We will recap our session learnings and I will leave you with some helpful handouts and recommend further training if considered beneficial.

For follow up consultations, we will briefly recap the training prior and troubleshoot any problems. We will then jump straight into progressions or tweaking of training activities to work towards your goals. Follow up consultations could be in your home, at a local park or on a coached walk.

How do I find your fees?

If you complete the short ‘Contact Alison’ website form or send me an email at hello@dreamdogstraining.com.au, I will respond to your query with either some suggested consultation options and associated fees, or a link to the pre-consultation questionnaire to gain some more information first. Fees are due prior to the consultation.

How long are your consultations?

Initial consultations are typically 1.5 hours. Follow up consultations are 45 minutes to an hour (see Services).

Who does the training?

You! Under my professional guidance. I will set you and your dog up to succeed. I will ask you if you would like me to demonstrate anything. We will make it fun!

Do I need to provide treats?

No, I bring with me a variety of treats and toys, including quality Prime100, which we can use during our session. If your dog has a favourite treat though, I encourage you to have it on hand. Chews are ethically and locally sourced from SkinnyDog Pet Treats. Please advise allergies prior to consultation.

I have more than one dog in my household, what happens then?

Depending on the dogs and the situation, we can pop the other(s) in a separate, safe space with some enrichment while we work with the dog who needs some help. This allows us to dedicate our training efforts and observations to the dog in need.

My household includes children, what happens then?

Great, we can get the whole family involved in training! However, I will ask you to have someone supervising your children while we train.

What happens if I cannot make my consultation?

Out of respect for my other clients I do ask that you give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a consultation.

Are you first aid trained?

Yes, both human and canine.

Are you insured?

Yes, I hold appropriate public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Do you have a National Police Clearance?


Do you work with other trainers or pet professionals?

I work alongside a network of experienced force-free trainers, veterinarian behaviourists and educators. I will refer you to one or more of these professionals if the case is outside my skillset or I think it would benefit from an additional perspective.

Alison Healey IMDT CTDI

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Qualified Trainer

OCN – Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level III

Certified Trick Dog Instructor DMWYD

Pet Professional Guild of Australia Dog Training Professional 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia

Fear Free Certified Professional

Dog First Aid trained

Continued professional development

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