A bit of help

Dreaming of reliable recall, polite greetings or just a pleasant walking experience? I will come to you, review your dream goals and we’ll tailor a training plan together.

1 hour initial in-home one-to-one consult.

Ideal for those wanting help with training the basics.

a lot of help

Did you dream of owning a dog that loved everything and everyone, but find yourself with a nervy or reactive pooch? Perhaps they just don’t seem to listen? We will work together to unpack the behavioural problem and train alternate behaviours, with a view to creating lasting change in the way your dog feels about a situation.

1.5 hour initial in-home one-to-one consult plus two 1 hour follow ups.

Ideal for those with complex behaviour problems that are more than training basics.

class fun

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Classes focus on having fun while learning new skills so you can expand your training toolkit!

Maximum 8 dogs per class to ensure individual feedback.

45 minute class.

Suitable for all levels of training.

Programs & Packages


5 week
dream starter

Congratulations on getting a puppy! Set your adorable ball of fun (or fury) up for success and become the ultimate dream team. They grow quick and are learning all the time!

Over 5 weeks we will cover:

• Appropriate play and games

• Arousal lowering activities

• Mouthing/biting/jumping up

• Socialisation

• Dog body language

• Handling/ vet visit prep

• Mat training/ capturing calm

• Toileting

• Alone time and enrichment

• Foundation behaviours to help with lead walking and recalls

• And more!

5x 45 minute in-home sessions.

Ideal for puppies 8-20 weeks of age.


3 fortnightly

Teenage dogs can be nightmares. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve taken 1 step forward and 3 steps backward in your training. You’re not alone.

Just remember, adolescent dogs are not giving you a hard time; they’re having a hard time. We can help them through this (for everyone’s sake!). Learning is fluid.

Over 3 consecutive fortnights we’ll go back to basics and set up clear and consistent training for at home and out and about.

3x 45 minute in-home/ walk/ local park sessions.

Ideal for adolescent dogs 5 – 18 months of age.

Ongoing Training


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